The St. George Guild of Ghent dates back to the early middle-ages, with as main function the defense of the city of Ghent with cross-bows.

Today fortunately, the defense of the city of Ghent with cross-bows is no longer necessary! The contemporary practice of cross-bow shooting stands for stylish competition, but in the future we - more than ever - also have commitments towards the enhancement of the socio-cultural experiences of our beautiful city.

It always has been, and it remains a privilege to be a member of this Guild and to uphold its splendid traditions.

The St. George Guild intends to be a meeting place where members can find each other, free of professional worries or hidden motives.

The Guild, rightly proud of its heritage and patrimonium, showcases a museum that covers its history of over 700 years, and the development of the cross-bow.